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Fish leather in general and salmon leather in particular is a fantastic material for several reasons. It is a byproduct from the fish industry, making it a sustainable alternative to other exotic leathers. The structure is beautiful, and the leather is long-lasting due to crossing fibers. Being sourced from fish farms in the Nordic Sea and tanned in Iceland, transportation to our production in Stockholm, Sweden is minimized.

It is sustainable, beautiful, and local. Just like our products.



Kristian Eddé started as an upcycling label using vintage crocodile leather from discarded bags. The idea was to bring a fresh alternative to the somewhat conservative watch industry making high-end watch straps. These plans were halted by well-needed limitations on trade with exotic leather like crocodile.


Knowledge in the field sparked a passion for ethical sourcing of exotic leather, leading our founder on a hunt for something with the interesting characteristics of exotic leather while still being sustainable to our planet. After stumbling across salmon leather by accident we have never looked back.